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Elina Kanellopoulou, PhD

Licensed Psychologist
Certified Group Psychotherapist
group psychotherapy


The goal of group psychotherapy is to cultivate the group members’ capacity for understanding themselves and the way they relate to others. The group consists of 5 to 7 members and a conductor and meets weekly for 90 minutes. During the sessions the members are asked to explore their experience in the here and now of the group by observing and putting into words the thoughts and feelings that come up. As understanding expands, each member has the chance to explore new ways of thinking and interpersonal communication, enhancing their sense of safety and psychological versatility within the group setting and beyond. 

individual psychotherapy


The goal of individual psychotherapy is to cultivate the person’s ability to understand oneself and to expand their psychological repertoire in a way that is conducive to their psychological well being. Individual psychotherapy takes place in regular 50 minute sessions, whose frequency is determined based on each person’s needs. During the sessions the individual is asked to freely put in words the thoughts and feelings that come up.

individual psychotherapy Elina Kanellopoulou
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